Guest Reviews of our Splendidly Pampered Canal & River Cruises!  

"the most splendidly pampered holiday we have ever had! Knowledgeable commentary from Tim, who clearly loves the place, great food and generosity from Gael, and formidable work behind the scenes by Stephan. thank you and every good wish"

Penny and David cruised in September 2016

"We want to thank you again for a wonderful trip . You and Gael made our Anniversary so special and we loved every minute of the trip and were sorry when it came to an end . Randle is the most beautiful boat and the whole experience was exceptional . Tim was the perfect Captain / host / chauffeur and tour guide and Gael's cooking was out of this world "

Terry & Hazel from Australia, cruised for two weeks in August 2015 

"Thank you very much for a wonderful week on the beautiful Randle. We loved cruising along the tranquil canals of Bourgogne, visiting the charming villages and great wineries. We appreciated your attention to detail and friendly professionalism which made the trip a truly unforgettable experience"

Paul & Michelle cruised with us in June 2015

"The crew was the best part of the package!  Tim, Nicole and Gail were all so fabulous.  They were accommodating, kind, fun, and easy to spend time with!  Tim is so easy going yet attentive and always willing to answer our one hundred and one questions about everything from the region to the boat operations."

Kim, Dave, and family cruised with us July 2014

 "As we settle back into our regular routines, we continue to reflect on what was truly the most wonderful family holiday imaginable, we can't thank you enough for captaining our trip with such exquisite service, accommodation, gourmet meals, weather, excursions and hospitality"

John, kimberly and family, cruised with us June 2013

"What a amazing vacation we had, thank you! We LOVE the Randle and you all make a wonderful team. It's clear you all enjoy your work and you  made us feel so very comfortable and at ease. Thank you Tim for your expert driving and your attention to detail on the barge, also thanks for getting the best mooring at every stop! Gael provided the most wonderful meals .... each day a new masterpiece.... which we thoroughly enjoyed. you service was easy going yet just right. we felt so cared for, thank you!"

Jen and Kip, California, cruised with us October 2012

"Thanks for a great trip, your hospitality and knowledge coupled that of Gaels were absolutely fabulous. You have a fabulous boat, thanks for sharing it with us. We would love to experience another trip sometime." 

Robert & Noeline Smith, Australia, cruised with us September 2012


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 UK boating press Barge Cruise review

The section we would travel, from Auxerre to Vermonton, is actually a canalised river, with locks every mile or two along the 25-mile stretch. But in common with much of the French canal network, the locks - or ecluses - are manned either by full-time employees of the Voies Navigables de France, which runs the waterways, or as seasonal jobs by students, so unless you choose to help, all you need to do is sail in and all the work is done for you....

Indeed, Tim is happy to perform the task single-handed, knocking The Randle into neutral and trotting down the side deck to fling on a bow line over the mooring posts which brings her to a complete halt.

With the wheel hard over to keep the stern against the lock wall, he then applies a little throttle to hold The Randle steady as the level changes, the engine acting as a spring in conjunction with the bowline.

Then, as the gates open, it's gently into forward gear to release the tension on the bowline which can then be flipped off and away we go. It makes for remarkable smooth and efficient passage from one stretch of canal to another - although, being France, you have to remember that everything stops for dejeuner for an hour from Midi !