Barge cruise in Burgundy and experience a voyage of discovery, a trip of a lifetime.

Take a barge trip through the beautiful valleys of Burgundy, famous for wine making for millennia. Burgundy has long been a wealthy and important region fought over by empires and kingdoms since Roman times. During your barge cruise we will show you the very best the region has to offer. 

Tour Cathedrals, Castles, Grand Chateaux, Pretty Villages and Country Markets. View 28,000 thousand year old cave paintings,  and glorious vineyards. All set in the beautiful Burgundy countryside . 

At the heart of this fascinating region are the golden slopes of the Cote d'Or and the Morvan national park, a region of outstanding natural beauty.

The canal du Nivernais 

The Nivernais Canal in Western Burgundy follows the Yonne valley and is intertwined with the river Yonne itself. Constructed between 1784 and 1843 to transport firewood and produce to Paris. All the commercial traffic has now gone and the canal today is known for its tranquillity, beauty, historic towns & villages, and famous vineyards.

The River Yonne

The river Yonne flows north to the Seine at Montereau, where it is the greater of the two rivers. An important trade route for centuries transporting wine, timber, and stone to ever expanding Paris. Now it is a quiet, meandering, and picturesque river set within a valley of wooded hillsides, historic towns, and famous vineyards. Travel in the footsteps of impressionist artists Turner and Sisley along this beautiful river. 

Why cruise?

Travelling along tree lined canals and meandering rivers aboard your very own private riverboat is the perfect way to enjoy rural France. Our aim is to achieve a perfect balance; a delicious meal, a glass of fine wine, and an evening sunset enjoyed with friends and conversation, truly the l'art de vivre.

It is easy to book, please enquire and we help with any information that you may require.