Exclusive Private Charter Barge Cruise, Full Board, Four Passengers, Three Crew.

Includes fine dining aboard and ashore with premier wine served aboard. Tours, entrance fees, evening chauffeur service and Paris transfers.

Celebrating Ten Years Afloat 2008-2018
To Celebrate Ten years afloat, we are offering £725.00 GBP towards towards any high season cruise, and £365.00 GBP towards mid and low season cruise of six nights and over. Valid until 31st March.

Three Nights : Low £5,535.00 Mid £6,225.00 High £6,895.00.

Six Nights : Low £9,775.00 Mid £10,995.00 High £12,235.00

Thirteen Nights : Low £19,495.00 Mid £22,275.00 High £24,685.00

As above but excluding evening dining, dine at a selection of wonderful restaurants along our route. Evening chauffeur service included. One dinner aboard with premier-cru wine included.

Six Nights : Low £8,365.00 Mid £9,295.00 High £10,485.00

Thirteen Nights : Low £16,435.00 Mid £18,665.00 High £20,885.00

Golf, Spa, Cycling, Horse Riding, Fly Fishing, Ballooning and Tailor-Made Options.

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Visa, Mastercard, and International Money Transfers accepted

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